Fabbrica d'Arte Monterosso:
passion that comes from the Earth and the Sea

L'acciuga di Monterosso al mare, un simpatico oggetto regalo souvenir di Monterosso delle 5 Terre

Artistic handicrafts

Each piece is prepared in our laboratories: designed, made and painted by hand.
Each shape is unique and original, created with love and passion.
Unique and unrepeatable objects.

Top quality materials

Pottery produced in the Cinque Terre with clays, glazes and colors of our formulation.
Earthenware, stoneware, porcelain: for each material we perform a different and special processing.


September is the month of new projects and we too have a completely new one: a small collection of porcelain dishes: the table set consists of dinner plate, soup plate and dessert plate.

Our dishes


We inform our customers that, due to heavy traffic period, for all orders received after 11 December we will not be able to guarantee delivery before the holiday season. Orders will still be regularly